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User talk:PokemonMaster23

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If you do not learn what our norms are, do not complain when your edits get reverted. You can start at Bulbapedia:Manual of style and review List of Japanese Pokémon names. - 振霖T 01:08, 21 February 2006 (CST)

What do you think you are doing with the episode title list? Randomly changing the punctuation and capitalisation? Randomly misspelling things? - 振霖T 23:57, 10 March 2006 (CST)

Nothing I changed was purposefully misspelled, though if I did misspell something I would be glad to change it. As for the US titles, I fixed some punctuation such as the commas in "Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut?" which the commas are needed for the pun to work correctly or it just looks like a series of words... And I added some of the Japanese titles in which if I misspelled something because I used a spelling familiar to me, please, please correct me. --PokémonMaster23 21:20, 11 March 2006