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User talk:Koen

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Hey...so i have a chikorita...what would you give me for it? User:bill33421

What about a Jirachi?And i see you need an pinsir,well i got lol.

hm...i dont really care...azelf would be preferable but please let it be pokerus that i can infect others with cause i screwed it up last time i got it and so i might have it on pokemons in my pc but that would be 5 out of like 200 so i have no idea wich ones they are... but id do jirachi too...so long as its legitimate...you know i only have chikorita...right?user:bill33421

Jirachi is Legitimate,Its from Pokémon Channel. And i can infect all pokemon with pokerus now

Great! My code is 5197-8916-4476...and i cant trade until...about 7 hours after i finish this cause ill be at school...hope we can work something out...thanks! user:bill33421

Ok.I'll need your name too because its required.So do you need an JIrachi with Pokérus right?

My name? okay: its tristan but you could go with tps (my initials)... so i can trade now...do you have a yahoo or aim account we could im on?

I got msn

hmm..thats the only one i dont have...so i can trade from 4 to 9 MST...wanna set up a certain time?

Well...Can you make an account on messenger?

i meant to do one anyways...*makes account* By the way i will probably only be on and can only trade from 4 Pm to 12 pm MST alright "Bill33421@yahoo.com" is my ID...

I just seen i can add your address to msn to come online :)

What? i dont understand what you said there and i just got a cyndaquil i can trade to you also so yeah...

Great!I said that i can add a Yahoo adress on msn Who do you want for it?Pinsir?

Sure, sure so long as i still get that jirachi for the chikorita... so whats your MSN id?


k well im online...

I got a other time zone (GMT)..

ah well lets figure this out- i know that i am 7 hours before you...so when do you go on (in your time) and then i can go on at the same time...

Ok i'll go online on 17.00 PM Its for you 10.00 OK?

er ok but sorry i forgot to check this...and that would only kinda work on uh saturdays...like for me i could probably go on like 11:00 Pm your time any day of the week but 17 Pm your time would only work on saturdays...



I deleted everything i copied *sighs*

Well i put everything like that on my page in to templates, so you can put the templates on your page --[[User:Theryguy512}Ryguy]] I HAVE ALl 3 jhoto starters And my totodile is female what would you give me?

I've added you to my Pokemon Platinum my Friend Code is in my page. GallFross