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User:The dark lord trombonator/The Book of Trom

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Things I mean to get around to at some point and totally shouldn't forget about
I know you're only here to look at the pictures. So go tell me which policy pages work (as in legibility, clarity, concision) and which ones don't. I know some don't. Let's see if you can pick the same ones as me.

I hate to-do lists. This is no exception. And believe me, it will get unfathomably long...

  • Welcome template (Userspaced—please check and give feedback; compare with Kogoro's mashup) Done!
  • Welcome portal (Userspaced—please check and give feedback)
  • Policy portal
  • Talk page policy (Userspaced—please check and give feedback) Done!
  • Trivia policy/guidelines (Draft One, Draft Two)
  • New Main Page (this one vs. this one vs. this one)
  • Golden Bulbasaurs... again... (We'll do this in January. Send me recommendations.)
  • Portals, Projects, and Project Leaders (already revised PL page and revised Project MoveDex; more to follow)
  • Make a userpage that looks like Facebook
  • Fix the species pages, particularly the "In the anime" sections
  • Get images for pages that don't (in a text file on my laptop)
  • Get people to get images for pages that don't
  • Sign up for forums and take over the world
  • Held items template
  • NPC template (Userspaced—tell me if you hate it, otherwise I'll assume it's good) Done!
  • BW staff project which I should probably talk to evan about Sorta.
  • Badger Archaic into giving me an email address
  • Failing that, sign up for a free email provider that doesn't sporadically spam my contacts list with emails about Viagra substitutes Sorry, guys, no more cheap drugs for you.
  • Trick someone into doing this for me
  • Arrange The Final Countdown for sax/brass sextet
  • Have a watchlist of less than 6,000 pages
  • Go to bed before midnight at least once a week

If I ever promised you I'd do something and I didn't do it, I'm totally sorry. I probably just forgot and probably don't hate your guts. Unless you're MAGNEDETH, in which case you can go rust in a sewer.