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User:Super Ampharos

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Spr 3r 181.png My Sandbox

Hello, I am Super Ampharos. I first found out about Pokémon when I was 8. I played the games, then went into the TCG and anime. I don't watch the new episodes anymore, (7:00 in the morning? No thanks.) but the re-runs I'll watch sometimes.

My first game was Sapphire, which I played without knowing what I was doing! I loved it, and a couple years later, I got Pearl. Pearl was my favorite game on any platform, and I played on it very often. Later, I got Shadows of Almia and Blue Rescue team, which only enhanced my love for Pokémon. When I learned of the Gold/Silver remakes, I knew it was a must-have, so I pre-ordered it almost as soon as I could. So here I am today, waiting anxiously for Black and White to come out, while enhancing the quality of my trusty Soulsliver.

Bulbapedia. My favorite website for the past couple years. I learned about it 2 years after Sapphire, and took an instant liking. The whole world of Pokémon at my finger tips! I was amazed. I created a profile on August 23rd, 2010. I am a member of Project Walkthroughs and Sidegames, and will continue adding to the Blue Rescue Team Walkthrough.