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User:Shiny Noctowl/Fun/Fishing/Prize

User:Shiny Noctowl/Fun/Fishing/Prize

StarryNova AKA Jen, has been a fan of pokemon since 1998. She started playing Pokemon Pinball for her first game given to her from her sister before playing Pokemon Blue and started with Charmander. As a big fan of fire pokemon she has all the fire starters in her Diamond verson. A little known fact is that most of her games she put her name in there but in her Fire Red game she put Celsete as her name.

Trainer Card


Houndoom Army


Houndoom Army Count:2

Why am she doing this? Well she likes Houndooms from its debut. Now she have a chance to get Houndooms from random trainers and get a great collection of my favorite. Though she will take normal LEGIT Houndooms. She would LOVE it if she were to get a LEGIT Shiny Houndoom. She also would like unique Houndooms too. Ev trained, egg moves, anything! (Yes I'm refering to myself in 3rd person.)

List of Houndooms

1.Name:Houndoom Ot:Nova ID:56306 Level:54 Gender:Male Ablity:Flash Fire Nature:Calm 2.Name:Houndoom Ot:Asuka ID:18252 Level:39 Gender:Male Ablity:Flash Fire Nature:Docile