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Hi. My online alias is Sparen. I'm a guy and I'm a person who is more interested in the Pokémon games and manga than the anime. My favorite Pokémon are Charizard, Suicune♥, Pichu, and Dialga.


My goal here as of now is to improve sections of Bulbapedia such as the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon sections and the other spin offs, such as the Pokémon Ranger series, where I am strongest. I am usually up to date with the Pokémon Ranger and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. (Can't wait for Magnagate~)

My status on Bulbapedia

I have done a lot for the locations and I have worked on the Mystery Dungeon locations for a while. I know I added myself to the Bulbapedia:Project Locations cast, but nobody really knew that I existed before, and pretty much all I do are locations anyway, as that is where I excel.

Right now, I'm not doing anything on Bulbapedia; I only become active when new spinoffs are released.

What I would like changed

Current Workings

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity: items, locations, and all of the other stuff that needs to be done with the game. Mainly items and locations.

I'm doing a serious edit of the entire dungeon set. This includes item floor locations, item localization, dungeon name localization, mysteriosity levels, etc.


Regarding Pokémon manga, I've read a little bit of Pokémon Adventures. I want to read Pokémon RéBURST, but nobody has completely scanlated it into English yet.

My drawing skills aren't that great either. I'll stop there.

Computer Programming

I script Pokémon battles in Touhou Danmakufu (my main project has started, and updates can be found on my MotK RaNGE forum).

I refuse to be part of the Pokémon Digimon debate.

In Conclusion

For those who wish to contact me, my e-mail address is Do not e-mail me with spam or I will create a filter for you and send all of your e-mails to trash. ありがとうございます。

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--Sparen of Iría-- AKA Sparen

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