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User:Rocket Admin Hunter Blade/Teams

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 Spr 1b 006.pngRed Version: Trainer KISH 
Ani009MS.pngHUNTER -- Ani015MS.pngDRILL BIT --Ani035MS.pngGRACE -- Ani018MS.pngPEIRE -- Ani135MS.pngQ-VEE
 Spr 1b 009.pngBlue Version: Trainer KISH 
Ani006MS.pngCHARIZARD -- Ani051MS.pngDUGTRIO -- Ani018MS.pngPIDGEOT -- Ani131MS.pngLAPRAS -- Ani036MS.pngCLEFABLE -- Ani142MS.pngAERODACTYL
 Spr 1y 025.pngYellow Version: Trainer Hunter 
Ani025MS.pngStatic -- Ani034MS.pngPrick -- Ani031MS.pngPriss -- Ani130MS.pngS -- Ani018MS.pngFeathers -- Ani006MS.pngTilt
 Spr 3r 383.pngRuby Version: Nuzlocke Challenge, 6 badges ♂Trainer Hunter 
Ani260MS.pngThimb -- ♂Ani279MS.pngKaw 2 -- ♂Ani289MS.pngDocker -- ♂Ani263MS.pngZ
 Ani004MS.pngAni155MS.pngAni255MS.pngPMD: Red Rescue Team: Ani006MS.pngHunter -- Ani026MS.pngCharge
 Spr 3f 006.pngFireRed Version: ♂Trainer Hunter 
Ani006MS.pngCHARIZARD -- ♀Ani018MS.pngPIDGEOT -- ♀Ani026MS.pngRAICHU -- ♀Ani051MS.pngDUGTRIO -- ♀Ani131MS.pngLAPRAS -- ♀Ani057MS.pngPRIMEAPE
 Spr 3e 384.gifEmerald Version: ♂Trainer Hunter 
Ani257MS.pngBlaze -- ♀Ani277MS.pngSWELLOW -- ♂Ani306MS.pngAGGRON -- ♂Ani264MS.pngLINOONE -- ♂Ani351MS.pngCASTFORM
 Ani006MS.pngAni230MS.pngAni330MS.pngAni373MS.pngPokémon Ranger: ♂Ranger Hunter - Ani312MS.pngMinun
 Spr 4d 484.pngPearl Version: ♂Trainer Hunter 
Ani391MS.pngCinder -- ♀Ani095MS.pngCatacomb -- ♂Ani130MS.pngRuin -- ♂Ani042MS.pngStix -- ♀Ani042MS.pngShade -- ♂Ani399MS.pngBadei
 Ani387MS.pngAni393MS.pngAni446MS.pngPMD2: Explorers of Time:Ani395MS.pngHunter -- ♂Ani006MS.pngKevar
 Spr 4p 487O.pngPlatinum Version: ♂Trainer Hunter 
Ani395MS.pngPearl -- ♂Ani055MS.pngDawr -- ♂Ani169MS.pngFritch -- ♂Ani130MS.pngRampage -- ♀Ani405MS.pngTarya -- ♀Ani398MS.pngRessa
 Spr 4h 249.pngSoulSilver Version: ♂Trainer Hunter 
Ani160MS.pngJarsen -- ♀Ani095MS.pngONIX -- ♀Ani015MS.pngVeeb -- ♂Ani018MS.pngPuk -- ♂Ani336MS.pngSEVIPER -- Ani385MS.pngJIRACHI (Night Sky's Edge event)
 Spr 4h 250.pngHeartGold Version: ♂Trainer Hunter 
Ani154MS.pngKreyten -- ♀Ani257MS.pngLeila -- ♂Ani006MS.pngKentao -- ♂Ani009MS.pngKuji -- ♂Ani125MS.pngHotch -- ♂Ani260MS.pngTcheec
 Spr 5b 644.pngWhite Version: ♂Trainer Hunter 
Ani497MS.pngKanti -- ♀Ani531MS.pngJoy -- ♂Ani567MS.pngRyx -- ♂Ani563MS.pngBringer -- ♀Ani516MS.pngDrizzle -- ♀Ani561MS.pngHiero
 Spr 5b2 646B.pngBlack Version 2: ♂Trainer Hunter 
Ani497MS.pngFiggs -- ♀Ani581MS.pngSauta -- ♂Ani553MS.pngBunt -- ♀Ani545MS.pngClira -- ♀Ani181MS.pngBelle -- ♂Ani561MS.pngIzu -- Ani082MS.pngInclop
(flexible team of 7, switching out one of the Pokémon when needed)