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Hi I'm Ribose.

Here's a list of subpages:

Please excuse the rest of the page, apparently I was bored several years ago...


Games I own/have played:

No I haven't played RSE or DPPt or any games that are not handheld main series games.

There was indeed a huge amount of time (several years) where I lost interest in Pokémon, from Gen II to Gen V. Then I came back. I loved Black and White so I played the remakes too (since I loved Gen I and II). I have no intention of playing any games that take place in Hoenn, Sinnoh, or any games that are not handheld main series games.

Actually that may be incorrect, I might have an old copy of Pokémon Stadium with my N64 somewhere...


As for me, I'm a programmer. I am majoring in Computer Science.

If you've ever heard of Blizzard Entertainment, I play games by them (but never WoW).


What can I do around here?

Well I can get sprites from Gen I and II (I wont make AniPNGs until Google Chrome supports them).

See a:User:Ribose for my archives page, which I write about what I'm thinking when uploading stuff.


Pokémon Yellow Chat Dump:

(3:58:43 AM) Ribose: I just went and found my pkmn yellow
(3:59:00 AM) Ribose: I probably haven't actually played it in AT LEAST ten years
(3:59:36 AM) Ribose: what I found on it is ----ing hilarious though
(4:04:07 AM) Ribose: Name: (my name) TIME: 22:21 SEEN: 9 CAUGHT: 6 LOCATION: Rt 2 (right below Pewter City)
(4:04:07 AM) Ribose: Team: PIKACHU lv15, PIDGENY lv3, RATTY lv4, WORM-BUG lv4 (caterpie), .. and (this is the funniest part) NIDOMAN lv5 Nidoran (FEMALE) and NIDAWOMAN lv15 (MALE)
(4:05:52 AM) Ribose: I do remember having trouble (obviously years ago..) with knowing which symbol was for which sex lol, but this cartridge sure crystalizes it
(4:09:21 AM) ***Ribose puts the cartridge away for when he's 29 and needs a laugh
(4:12:19 AM) Ribose: I'm still trying to figure out.. what in gods name was I doing for 22 hours before not reaching pewter city O.o
(4:16:17 AM) FusionWarrior: being lost in viridian forest
(4:17:19 AM) Ribose: lol! perhaps