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User:Regi Trainer

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My Strategy Sweepers

Rollout Sweeper

Lv. 100
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If you were stupid enough to look for this Page, you got your reward...

Caught Lengendaries

Latias x1

Regirock x3

Regice x2

Registeel x2

Regiregias x1

Heatran x1

Giratina x1

Dialga x1

Groudon x2

Kyogre x1

Rayquaza x1

Azelf x1

Rotom x1 (If you count Rotom as a Legendary)

Obtained through some other way

Manaphy x1 (via Pokèmon Ranger)

Many Phione Eggs (None have hatched)

Many Rotom Eggs (If you count Rotom as a Legendary) ________________________________________________________________________________________________

As you can see I have no Event Pokèmon (Besides Manaphy).