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034.png This user identifies as male.


Hey everybody its me RedAgainstMario. A.K.A. Franklin or Kyle for short. Now on this website, I have no goals... seriously. All I do is just edit... JUST edit. I am still a beginner on this site so... I am still learning. I am a person who gets nervous HAHA. I get nervous watching the EP038 in the Anime. Its a good thing that its banned HAHA! Don't worry I don't have a nervous breakdown.

To be honest, I am a fan of Pokemon since 2007. I know it is late because the Philippines is a late country (No offense. I love my country). I watched the anime and I stopped in Pokemon Advanced. It was... getting boring. I watched the anime BEFORE the game. The first game that I played was Blue then Yellow. Where I got them? I borrowed them from my neighbor. It was hard at first because of Brock. Then, I had finally bought a game which was called Emerald and it was AWESOME!!! I mastered Pokemon on that game. You guessed it right, I never played Gen II and V games. I am trying to save money for Gen V games though especially Black 2.

RedAgainstMario derives from the word "Red", from the Pokemon series and "Mario", from the Mario series. If you get the word "Against", which means that, I am comparing the two series. There is a counterpart of this account which was in mariowiki called MarioAgainstRed.


  • When you abbreviate RedAgainstMario, it forms to the word R.A.M.... TAKE THAT!!!
    • Although MarioAgainstRed has a poor abbreviated name...
  • He has never played Gen II and V games!!!
    • Although he is trying his best to save money for Black 2!!!
  • He may be from the Philippines but he has a wrong clock in Bulbapedia!!!
  • He may have a mariowiki account but he also has an another account in YouTube called JumpmanAgainstTerran. SUBSCRBE!!!