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User:Pro-mole/Templates/Party Table

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This template is meant for making good looking party tables. Parameters are composed by pokeX(X being a number between 1 and 6) and the parameter name:

  • Name: Pokémon's nickname(or species name, if no nickname is given)
  • Title: a short description of its role in the party
  • Num: Pokémon's number on the National PokéDex, plus sex/form/shiny modifiers
  • Nature
  • Ability
  • Item: Item held by the Pokémon
  • MoveX: moves (X varying between 1 and 4)
  • EVs: Pokémon's EV training, by stats

Pokémon Name {{{poke1-name}}} {{{poke2-name}}} {{{poke3-name}}} {{{poke4-name}}} {{{poke5-name}}} {{{poke6-name}}}
Species [[File:Spr_4p_{{{poke1-num}}}.png]] [[File:Spr_4p_{{{poke2-num}}}.png]] [[File:Spr_4p_{{{poke3-num}}}.png]] [[File:Spr_4p_{{{poke4-num}}}.png]] [[File:Spr_4p_{{{poke5-num}}}.png]] [[File:Spr_4p_{{{poke6-num}}}.png]]
Nature [[{{{poke1-nature}}}]] [[{{{poke2-nature}}}]] [[{{{poke3-nature}}}]] [[{{{poke4-nature}}}]] [[{{{poke5-nature}}}]] [[{{{poke6-nature}}}]]
Ability [[{{{poke1-ability}}} (Ability)|{{{poke1-ability}}}]] [[{{{poke2-ability}}} (Ability)|{{{poke2-ability}}}]] [[{{{poke3-ability}}} (Ability)|{{{poke3-ability}}}]] [[{{{poke4-ability}}} (Ability)|{{{poke4-ability}}}]] [[{{{poke5-ability}}} (Ability)|{{{poke5-ability}}}]] [[{{{poke6-ability}}} (Ability)|{{{poke6-ability}}}]]
Held Item [[]] [[]] [[]] [[]] [[]] [[]]
Moves - - - - - -
- - - - - -
- - - - - -
- - - - - -
EV Training Random Random Random Random Random Random