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User:Pikastorm/New Pokemon

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  • ElectricIC.gif DarkIC.gif -------- Darkchu (Japanese: ダクチュウ Darkchu) - Pikachu / Branch Evolution
  • GroundIC.gif ------------------Dugquad (Japanese: ダグクワタ Dugkuwata) - Dugtrio
  • BugIC.gif SteelIC.gif -------- Pinchaw (Japanese: カイクロー Kaiclaw) - Pinsir
  • NormalIC.gif DarkIC.gif -------- Darturos (Japanese: ダータロス Dartaros) - Tauros
  • GroundIC.gif ------------------Ragewak (Japanese: ガラホネー Garabone) - Marowak
  • DragonIC.gif ------------------Drageon (Japanese: リュウシア Ryushia) - Eevee
  • GhostIC.gif ------------------Ghoseon (Japanese: ゴースィア Ghosia) - Eevee
  • WaterIC.gif IceIC.gif -------- Minipras (Japanese: ミニプラス Miniplace) - Lapras


  • RockIC.gif GrassIC.gif -------- Sudomega (Japanese: ウソメガキ Usomegaki) - Sudowoodo
  • BugIC.gif FightingIC.gif -------- Herage (Japanese: ヘラユウキ Herayki) - Heracross
  • NormalIC.gif PsychicIC.gif -------- Milmoo (Japanese: ミルムー Milmoo) - Miltank
  • WaterIC.gif ------------------Octoery (Japanese: オクプス Ocupus) - Octillery
  • SteelIC.gif FlyingIC.gif -------- Skarsky (Japanese: ゾラームド Zoramd) - Skarmory


  • FireIC.gif ------------------Enkoal (Japanese: エンタス Entoise) - Torkoal
  • PoisonIC.gif DarkIC.gif -------- Vipenake (Japanese: ドクネーク Dokunake) - Seviper
  • DarkIC.gif ------------------Absocurs (Japanese: アブソカス Absocurs) - Absol
  • GrassIC.gif FlyingIC.gif -------- Flowaurs (Japanese: フラワウス Flowaurs) - Tropius