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es Este usuario es hablante nativo de español.
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Hello! Are you looking for a Spanish Pokémon Enciclopedia? Oops, sorry... wrong place. Unfortunately it doesn't exist, but I'm working on it.

Contact Info

  • E-mail: midolf @ gmail . com
  • MSN: midolf @ hotmail . com
  • Google Talk: midolf @ gmail . com

Pokémon Info

Favourite Party Sandshrew, Vibrava, Xatu, Marshtomp, Forretress and Nincada
Favourite Type Ground
Favourite Videogame Pokémon Blue (and Leaf Green), Crystal, Ruby, Stadium 2 and Puzzle League
Favourite Gym Leader, Frontier Brain, Elite Four or Champeon Brandon
Favourite Anime characters A.J., Jessiebelle and Professor Birch