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Basic Information

I just want to talk to yuo and this is the only way I know how. So please keep pokéshipping in the mnga please this is very important to me please I beg of you :( . Deoxysf

Pokémon Games Played

  • Silver. Status: Completed (in February of 2006; it took me four or five years to finish it, seriously).
  • Gold. Status: Completed. Given to my cousins.

Main Pokémon in Silver

  • Totonaw - Female Feraligatr lvl. 80
  • Yorunozuku - Male Noctowl lvl. 63
  • Deduoge - Female Golem lvl. 54
  • Lugia - Lugia lvl. 58
  • Colee - Female Ampharos lvl. 36
  • Swmped - Male Sudoowoodo lvl. 30
  • Phoenix - Ho-oh lvl. 70
  • Kamaitachi - Male Sneasel lvl. 42

Main Pokémon in Gold

  • Gloom
  • Feraligatr
  • Hypno
  • Zubat
  • Nidorina


  • Type: Psychic
  • Class: Psychic
  • Pokémon: Sneasel
  • Favorite Starter Pokémon: The Water ones. Always.

Possible Translations for Pokémon Names in Japanese

  • Noctowl: Darkowl (Corujascura)
  • Shuckle: Jarjar (Jarrojarro)
  • Winaut: Reelly (Sériu)
  • Lickitung: Tonguering (Linguanel)
  • Kangaskhan: Garoola
  • Magikarp: Karpking (Carparrei)
  • Dratini: Minidra
  • Dragonair: Whitedra (Brancodra)
  • Dragonite: Largedra (Grandedra)
  • Cyndaquil: Firestorm or Firepine
  • Totodile: Crocochild (Crocriança)