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Alakazam (My favorite Pokemon)

Hello Everyone I am a New User of Blubapedia and a User to many other wiki's. I hope you like my User page and if you have anything to ask me just leave a message on My Talk Page.

Articles I Have Made

At this moment I have made 0 Articles.

User Pages:

Articles I Have Helped Significantly

Articles i have made with MysteryHeff?

Other Wiki's I Use

  • Spongepedia (Admin). (User name is Danielrox)
  • Applepedia (Admin). (User name is Danielrox)
  • Two and a Half Men wiki (Admin). (User name is Danielrox)
  • Smash wiki. (User name on this is Jebus4eva)

I am quiet happy in becoming a Admin in most of these wikis.

Personal Information

  • Name: Daniel.
  • Country/State: Australia, South Australia.
  • Favorite Sport: Cricket.
  • Sports I Play: Cricket, Soccer and Tennis.
  • Friends on this Wiki that i know in Real life:
  • MysteryHeff?

I Hope you Liked my Page



The news bar goes from top to bottom, with top being the most recent. The news dates are under Australian Time.

  • 9/12/2008: MysteryHeff? has created the user page Parties.
  • 7/12/2008: MysteryHeff? has created the article 'Berry Crush'.
  • 7/12/2008: The new Template for Template news has been released. The Template is made for MysteryHeff? and Jebus4eva.
  • 6/12/2008: MysteryHeff? and Jebus4eva have both made minor edits to the Hack games article.