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I (Hyperworm) registered with Bulbapedia a long time ago but haven't contributed much. ._.

Because this page ranks so highly on a Google search for my username, I should probably put something here that's at least not inaccurate. >_>

I was born in 1986, I'm British and male, and I'm called Hyperworm everywhere. It looks like there are a couple of other users called Hyperworm, but they don't appear to register or post in very many places (lucky for me ^^), so if you see a Hyperworm, it's probably me I guess?

One notable exception: on PSN, I'm Hyperwyrm with a y. Or two. Someone got there before me. >_>

You can contact me by gmail (to restate, that's @gmail, not @googlemail).


Currently (2010) I have a Wii, DS, and PS3 (as well as a collection of older consoles).

I generally enjoy games that place some focus on strategy, or beating hiscores, or puzzles, or rhythm, or platforming. JRPGs are good. Adventure(? Zelda/Okami-style) games are good. FPSs go well sometimes.
Genres I'm not too keen on include real-time strategy (every time I play a game like that I end up hating it), 2D sprite-style console-based fighters (much prefer 3D where there's room for it), WW2 FPSs or the like (I'll take awesome alien or futuristic weapons instead thanks) and to a limited extent sandbox games - I love the concept but they often feel shallow. I'm sure I'll get suckered into a few more though. LittleBigPlanet was some kind of a success to me.

I'm fairly competent with Japanese, and I do some translating for anime fansub groups. I collect (raw) manga. Also, I code.

Some more specific examples of things that are awesome

osu!, MS Paint Adventures (Homestuck), MTG, the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, Haruhi novels, Touhou, Portal, qwantz, the Bokurano manga, Futurama, Bleach, Four Swords, Treasure, 24, Aqua Timez, Disgaea, Yotsubato!, anything above 7 on my anidb mylist, my friends especially Gtpod and Quin :>