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Hi. My name is Hellkaiserryo12 if you haven't noticed. I enjoy playing Pokemon, Metroid, Sonic and Zelda games. I am an Administrator on the Metroid Wiki, Wikitroid. I am a Pokemon splicer and i have uploaded 5 videos of them to Youtube. My Youtube account can be found here: [1], if anyone is curious enough to watch them.

My favourite Pokemon are Empoleon, Magmortar, Suicune, Feraligatr and Scizor, although I have many other favourites.

I am a fairly friendly person and I enjoy large SSBB tournaments with friends.

My Wii friend code is 5288 6329 5798 4440 and I am called Hell Kaiser. I like to play brawl and my mains are Samus and Toon Link.

My Pearl friend code is 2192 0730 1390 and i am called Sylux. Please add me and then we can arrange a time to battle or trade!

My team is: Empoleon Staraptor Abomasnow Luxray Garchomp Alakazam


Hell Kaiser

Ruby Kaiser

Fully Corrupted PED Suit

(Please note, these signatures are from Wikitroid, so remember I have no administrative status here)