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Hello, I'm Glitchchampion !

Since I played for the first time Pokèmon Red, and I met Missingno , I'm become a fan of all kinds of Missingno into the Pokèmon world's. Later, when I've bought Pokèmon Gold, I've found a strange glitch : Trainer House glitch . I've spent a lot of time to get rid of this bug, but finally I've understood that it's impossible without resetting the game ( I'm sorry Cal, I'll never do it). I've now a lot of decorations in my Gold version, as if I'd done 100 Mystery Gift, ha ! My last Pokèmon version's was "Pokèmon Fire Red". Completed, and sadly, I've not found glitch. ( Anyway, better to find nothing rather than find something thanks to the codes if you're doing a normal gameplay...).


My favourite glitch video:

By Glitchchampion
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