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Hi, I'm Elevatormusic I have recently joined, in fact, it was December 15th at around 8:00 PM, on United States Eastern Coast time. I have been with Pokémon since I was 5 years old, when a friend gave me hes Red version in 2000. I watched the anime when I was 6, but not much anymore, although my younger brother is trying to get me to watch it again.



Sadly I have and Action Replay. I technically hate it, because I said I wanted to complete my Pokédex on my own, but for some reason the code was on I got the code to work on accident. It somehow ruined my Pal Park data, I can no longer imput Pokémon. My brother decided to use my AR to never fight Team Galactic, skip everything, have level 100 Pokémon and get 5 trainer stars.

My Pokémon

As you can tell, I like Salamence, but I do have others.

Salamence-favorite overall
Charizard-original favorite
Mewtwo-favorite legendary
Treecko-favorite starter
Flygon-second favorite


373 I love Salamences, and have trained a dozen and bred many. Technically I have spent my majority trying to make an ultimate powerful one without a code from my Action Replay. Salamence replaced Charizard for me. Anyone know who to breed a Bagon with Sky Attack?

My Favorite Pokemon

Pearl Version

 Although Emerald is my favorite game, I am especially proud of my Pearl version, which is the opposite of how my brother glitched his Diamond. The majority of my Pokémon are level 100 and draconic. I don't give many Pokémon nicknames. Those I do are from Pearl, and once again I cannot input. I do like to trade and battle even more. I don't go easy on anyone but my brother. Since I have many level 100s, my Torterra started is still level 57.

My games:

Pearl-2364 0838 6143; player:CLINT
Sapphire-I no longer own this one, I gave it to my brother.
Mystery Dungeon Darkness
Leaf Green
Battle Revolution