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Ello Ello

My name is Duality-Chan.
Or Duality. Whatever you prefer.
I joined because i love pokémon.
And pikachu.
and glacia.
and umbreon.
and eevee.
and lots of other stuff.
I have also recently made a logo for her school's Girl's Soccer Team.

Her Slogans

They mostly appear in double syllables, such as yeayea, yesyes, wootwoot, ello ello, baibai, and yuppyupp, then appearing with a ~! at the end. These can be usually seen when she's talking to others on Myspace.

Others include waka laka time~!, OMGOMFGZOMFGGTGWTFLOLBBQBBLORLY, (or some variant of that...), awesome sauce, "has invaded ______", and RAHRAHRAHRAHRAHRAHRAH.

She also RP's as a Pikachu on Myspace

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