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Favourite Pokémon

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Charizard Cyndaquil Vigoroth Lucario Hydreigon

About Me

I can't think up a quote to do this picture justice.

I've been with Pokémon from the beginning, from being addicted to the anime and TCG, I soon got my hands on a GameBoy Color with Red and Yellow (and later Blue), but had 'out grown' the franchise by the time Gold and Silver arrived. A couple of years ago my interest soon reignited, and since then i've played through Red, Blue and Ruby, along with sampling Battle Revolution, FireRed, Diamond, Pearl, Explorers of Darkness, Ranger as well as catching the occasional episode of the D/P Anime. ^_^


Blue Red Yellow Ruby White
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Charmander Bulbasaur Pikachu Torchic Tepig