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Hey, I'm Aerolite

I'm mostly a busy guy, but when I have free time I tend to enjoy hacking old games. At the moment, I'm focusing on Pokemon Generation I (particularly Yellow); my goal is to come up with a way to transfer Pokemon data from Pokemon Yellow to Pokemon Crystal (without Pokemon Stadium, as transfer pak's don't exactly work on PCs :P), and from there into Pokemon Emerald.

If anyone has any additional info on the twisted way Pokemon Yellow stores Pokemon data, please enlighten me. :P

Update 6/10/09:

After trying for god-knows how long to decipher how Yellow stores ALL it's pokemon data (not just the stuff in the main struct), I abandoned my efforts and used a N64 emulator to transfer my pokemon to Crystal. Upon finishing that game, I experimented with Emerald's pokemon box data and discovered that writing pokemon to that memory should be a cinch. That being the case, all I need to do is write a program to convert, then write out the pokemon structures into an Emerald savestate, and presto. Unfortunately, due to my lack of time, this may not happen for a while, but I intend working on it ASAP. Wish me luck! :)