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What's up. I'm ?????, but please call me Grant (I made this account when I was 12 which explains the dreadful name). I've been affiliated with the Pokémon series since I was 5 years old and I guess no matter what I do, I can't stop playing it. My favorite Pokémon are Meganium, Swampert, Slowpoke, Charizard, Squirtle, and Staraptor.


I have been playing hacked Pokémon games such as Pokémon Liquid Crystal and Pokémon Light Platinum due to not having a 3DS/any video game system Pokémon has been on since 2007.

I'll come on here to gather information on Gen V and Gen VI Pokémon considering I know jacks#!+ about any Pokémon created after Diamond and Pearl.

I will most likely make grammatical and spelling corrections toward the betterment of the site.


As previously stated, I started with the Pokémon series when I was 5 when my neighbor showed me his Pokémon cards. I begged my mom for cards and my first card was [[1]]. I played the card game almost religiously for about 5 years then quit.

I started with the video games in 2003 with Pokémon Blue. My first Pokémon was Squirtle. I then went on to playing Pokémon Yellow after I got it from a GameStop then I went on to Pokémon Crystal. I then got Pokémon Sapphire, which is my favorite entry in the Pokémon series (I loved Hoenn so much I owned two copies of Sapphire, one of Emerald, and one of Ruby) and then I got every game in the Pokémon series (even Pokemon Box: Ruby and Sapphire until 2007 with Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Since then, I have been drifting in and out with the series, attempting to revisit the games along with playing hacked games.

Current Teams

I have been currently playing Pokémon Liquid Crystal (which I have to wait for an update) and Pokémon Light Platinum.

Liquid Crystal Team (currently waiting for the Lance glitch to be fixed): Meganium Lv. 72 Moves: Solarbeam, Body Slam, Razor Leaf, PoisonPowder

Noctowl Lv. 23 Moves: Tackle, Hypnosis, Fly, and Peck

Gengar Lv. 30 Moves: Hypnosis, Shadow Punch, Night Shade, and Confuse Ray

Slowking Lv. 34 Moves: Yawn, Surf, Confusion, and Headbutt

Gyrados Lv. 33 *shiny* Moves: Thrash, Bite, Dragon Rage, and Waterfall

Suicune Lv. 41 Moves: Aurora Beam, Bubblebeam, Rain Dance, Gust

Light Platinum Team (currently have recieved 4 badges): Charizard Lv. 53 Moves: Slash, Wing Attack, Lava Surf, and Flamethrower

Tranquill Lv. 29 Moves: Gust, Air Cutter, Detect, Quick Attack

Meganium Lv. 38 Moves: Tackle, Body Slam, Razor Leaf, PoisonPowder

Zorua Lv. 28 Moves: Faint Attack, Fury Swipes, Pursuit, and Headbutt

Pupitar Lv. 30 Moves: Rock Slide, Bite, Sandstorm, and Thrash

Lapras Lv. 29 Moves: Body Slam, Perish Song, Water Gun, and Confuse Ray

Personal Life

In real life, I am a pitcher for my high school's baseball team. I have been playing baseball for 11 years now, and I still have a lot to learn.

I am also a huge music geek, my favorite artists being Milo, Mac Miller, Cam Meekins, Zebrahead, Kendrick Lamar, Fortune Family, and Dessa.