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The Four Star Challenge

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The Four Star Challenge
Four Star Challenge.png
ISBN: 9780439169448
Published: August 2000
Publisher: Scholastic
Author: Howard Dewin
Preceded By: Secret of the Pink Pokémon
Succeeded By: Scyther, Heart of a Champion

The Four Star Challenge by Howard Dewin is the eleventh book in the adaption of the Pokémon anime. It was published by Scholastic. It is the third book to take place in the Orange Islands. It is 90 pages in length.


The Ultimate Test

The Orange Islands have a Pokémon League of their own. But these gym matches are beyond different. Mountain Climbing? Dancing Pokémon? And sometimes Ash can't even use his Pokémon! What's up with that? Can Ash stand the challenge? With help from his friends and a little luck, Ash just might have a chance.


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This book is based on the events of the anime episodes Fit to be Tide, Navel Maneuvers, The Mandarin Island Miss Match and Misty Meets Her Match.

Fit to be Tide

Ash, Misty and Tracey are riding on Lapras on their way to Mikan Island for Ash's first Orange League Challenge. They climb off Lapras and begin to hike through the jungle on the way to the Gym. Suddenly, a young boy hops down in their path. Ash tells him that he is looking for the Gym and the boys laughs, saying the Orange Crew is way tougher than him. A young woman walks around the corner and asks the little boy if he is causing trouble. Ash says that he has come to challenge the Gym and she reveals that she is the Mikan Island Gym Leader and accepts his challenge. She tells Ash that her name is Cissy and tells Ash that she wants to use Water Pokémon for her battle against him since he is a little squirt.

Everybody follows Cissy into the Gym. Pushing a button, the Gym floor slides away to reveal a pool. On the side of the pool, on top of a table, were tin cans. Cissy throws out Seadra. Cissy announces that she and Ash are going to have the Water Gun Challenge. She tells Ash to pick his Pokémon with the best Water Gun attack. Ash lets out Squirtle. Cissy has Seadra aim its Water Gun at the cans and it knocks them all down. Tracey begins to sketch Seadra as Ash has Squirtle aim its Water Gun at the cans. Squirtle knocks off all of the cans.

Cissy then decides that they are going to try it with moving targets. A flying disc flies out and Seadra hits it out of the air. Then Seadra also hits three more discs out of the air. Next, it was Squirtle's turn. One disc flew out into the air and Squirtle shot it down. Then three flew out and Squirtle knocked them out too. Cissy decided there would be a quick-draw contest. Whoever hit the disc first won. Tracey grabbed his binoculars. The disc flew out and Seadra and Squirtle fired. The disc exploded and no one could tell who hit it first. Tracey says that they hit at the same time. Cissy tells Ash that the winner of his challenge would be decided by a Pokémon Wave Ride. Cissy then heads for the beach.

Ash asks Cissy what wave riding is as they stand on the beach. Cissy says that they each have a Pokémon that they can ride on swim out to a flag in the ocean, circle it, then head back. Cissy releases her Pokémon, a Blastoise. Ash chooses the ride on Lapras. They both got onto their Pokémon and got ready to go. Cissy tells her brother to fire just as a Magikarp Submarine explodes onto the surface. Team Rocket launch into their motto then demand Pikachu. James sends out Weezing who uses SmokeScreen. They fire a net which misses Pikachu and captures Blastoise. They drag Blastoise into the water but Cissy is confident that Blastoise can handle them. Suddenly, Blastoise comes firing up out of the water. Pikachu and Blastoise then send them blasting off.

Major events



Pokémon Debuts






  • Although the back of the book says that it is the third of three books taking place in the Orange Islands, five more books following this one take place in the Orange Islands, adding up to a total of eight.
  • This book follows the anime in naming the Ice-type Elite Four member "Prima". However, one instance near the end of the book refers to her by her original English name, Lorelei.

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