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Template:Number Redirects

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By Regional Pokédex number, Number Redirects may refer to:

By Browser number, Number Redirects may refer to:

In the Pokémon anime series, Number Redirects may refer to:

In the Pokémon games, Number Redirects may refer to:

how to use:

{{SUBST:Number Redirects|Pokémon in Ndex|Pokémon in Jdex|Pokémon in Hdex|Pokémon in Sdex|Pokémon in Udex|Pokémon in Fiore Browser|Pokémon in Almia Browser|Pokémon in Oblivia Browser|Pokémon in Oblivia Browser (Past)|Page name (standard Arabic - no 0's at the start)|region the route appears in|page name but only the last 2 digits}}

for things like 151, put any excess stuff after the template and before the disambig tag. The subst is so that nonexistent anime episodes and browser entries can be removed afterwards - we wouldn't want a DP493, for example.