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001 001 Bulbasaur - A Refreshing Field Default  ???  ??? steps Unknown None

{{lop/pwalk|1-group category|2-index number|3-Pokémon name|4-gender|5-level|6-steps|7-rarity|8-area found|9-unlock method|10-number of watts|11-held item|12-for sprite|13-origin forme}}

Input options:

4 - gender (m/♂ or f/♀)
8 - area found
(all caps) For two word phrases, input the first letter of each word; (i.e. for Noisy Forest, input NF; for Rugged Road, input RR)
For single words, input first two letters (i.e. for Treehouse, input TR; for Resort, input RE)
Others: for Icy Mountain Rd., input IMR; for Night Sky's Edge, input NSE, for Beyond the Sea, input BS
9 - unlock method
0=default; 1=by collecting watts (input 5); E= Event; J=for Night Sky's Edge; GTS=for Beyond the Sea
10 - number of watts collected
any number, else put 0
12- sprite number additions
13- for Giratina, Origin Forme
input field