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Talk:Synchronize (Ability)

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I think it should be mentioned that if a Pokémon with Synchronize ability is holding the item Twistedspoon, its secondary effect gets inverted. So if you have a Modest Alakazam (-Attack, +Sp.Attack), and give it a Twistedspoon, you'll mostly get Adamant Pokémon (-Sp.Attack, +Attack). Krisi (talk) 17:33, 18 December 2012 (UTC)

  • Okay, I just read a topic on this on GameFAQs, and I just tested it out, and didn't really work for me... Krisi (talk) 06:08, 19 December 2012 (UTC)

Double Synchronize

So I was watching some Metronome battles with Mew, and few times one of the Mew inflicted status on the other one, which activated the hit Mew's Synchronize, which in turn activated the Synchronize of Mew that afflicted the status (though it did nothing, since it targeted the Mew that Sychronized ailment on it). However, when I tried that in G3 on wild Abra, only the text stating that Abra's Synchronize activated has appeared. Can someone check G4 and G5 on this matter? Eridanus (talk) 12:00, 19 July 2014 (UTC)