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Horoscope is the popular zodiac of the Unova region that is talked about on the TV Show "Personality Assessment and Horoscope", seen in Pokémon Black and White on televisions. A certain Pokémon represents a certain month, unlike the real world zodiac, where one star sign lasts for roughly a month's time but not dead on a month. For instance, Pisces can represent February 19 to March 20, while Alomomola represents the entire month of March. Also, the Pokémon in the zodiac are related to the star signs of the zodiac, such as Sawsbuck and Bouffalant, which are similar to Capricorn and Taurus, respectively.

The Zodiac

Some of the Pokémon in the Zodiac are noticeably alike to the signs of the real-world zodiac; not all of them are, however, and the ones that do resemble the real-world zodiac are not necessarily in the correct places.

Month Pokémon Season Corresponding Sign Corresponding Symbol Lucky Item
January SawsbuckSawsbuck Spring Capricorn The goat White Flute
February SimipourSimipour Summer Aquarius The water carrier Mail
March AlomomolaAlomomola Autumn Pisces The fishes Hard Stone
April WhimsicottWhimsicott Winter Aries The ram Hyper Potion
May BouffalantBouffalant Spring Taurus The bull X Attack
June KlinkKlink Summer Gemini The twins A slow Pokémon*
July CrustleCrustle Autumn Cancer The crab Dowsing MCHN
August BraviaryBraviary Winter Leo The lion Calcium
September GothoritaGothorita Spring Virgo The virgin Xtransceiver
October LampentLampent Summer Libra The scale Choice Scarf
November ScolipedeScolipede Autumn Scorpio The scorpion White Herb
December FraxureFraxure Winter Sagittarius The archer Poké Ball


The Pokémon Zodiac makes an appearance in the TV Show "Personality Assessment and Horoscope". Each episode features one of the Pokémon in the Zodiac, and explains their current fortune and also their lucky item. The show is hosted by an unknown person, and information comes directly from a scientist/astrologer by the name of Dr. Astropoff.


  • The Pokémon of the zodiac that have counterparts in the real zodiac all represent the month during which most of their counterpart's duration period takes place.