Yukinari Ookido

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554Darumaka.png The subject of this article has no official English name.
The name currently in use is a fan translation of the Japanese name.
Yukinari Ookido
大木戸ユキナリ Yukinari Ookido
Yukinari Ookido.png
Yukinari Ookido in Pack Your Pocket With Adventure
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color White
Hometown Tokyo
Mashiro (originally)
Region Kantō
Relatives Midori Kudō (grand-daughter)
Live action debut Pack Your Pocket With Adventure
Live actor Toshirō Yanagiba

Yukinari Ookido (Japanese: 大木戸ユキナリ Ookido Yukinari) is a supporting character in Pack Your Pocket With Adventure. He is Midori Kudō's grandfather and a Kendo instructor. He is based on Professor Oak.





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