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(Japanese: モモ Momo) is a character who appeared in the eighth Pokétoon, Jigglypuff's Song.

Momo was a little girl who met and quickly formed a bond with a Jigglypuff. One day, when they met Anzu and her Jigglypuff, Momo was confronted about the reasons her Jigglypuff didn't sing. After discussing their feelings, Momo decided to support Jigglypuff and, when confronted by Anzu again, Jigglypuff finally decided to sing. The melody created by Momo's Jigglypuff finally reached the heart of its Trainer who realized how much Jigglypuff loved her.

Over time, Jigglypuff's music made Anzu and Momo become friends, but they didn't realize that she also had the power to put the girls to sleep.


Momo's Jigglypuff
Before the Jigglypuff's Song event, Jigglypuff lived in a group with others of its species. However, as its voice was different from the others', Jigglypuff decided to distance himself from the others, until it met Momo and the two formed a bond between them.

When Jigglypuff and Momo are confronted by Anzu and her own Jigglypuff, Momo's Jigglypuff was initially afraid to step forward. Momo then decides to support Jigglypuff's decision, but it decides to start singing, its different melody ends up reaching the feelings of its Trainer who realizes how much Jigglypuff cares for her.

This Jigglypuff has a distinction in that it has a topknot in its hair.

Jigglypuff's only known move is Sing.

Debut Jigglypuff's Song
Voice actors
Japanese Miho Okasaki

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 本渡 楓 Kaede Hondo

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