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The player arrives in Serene Village with Nuzleaf. Nuzleaf tells the player not to leave the house while he goes to register them at the school. However, after the player sees an ominous shadow resembling one of the Beheeyem, they go outside anyways. When they go outside, they are startled by the partner suddenly coming up to them from behind. The partner introduces themselves, and asks the player their name. But before the player can answer, the partner drags them off to show them around the village. When they go to the village square, suddenly all the villagers come up and accuse the partner of committing various mischievous acts. The villagers all chase after the partner in a mob, leaving the player behind on their own. While exploring around the village, the player sees two kids, Pancham and Deerling, arguing. The player decides to follow them.

Foreboding Forest

The player, hearing Pancham, Shelmet, and Deerling arguing about how Goomy got lost in the Foreboding Forest, offers to look for Goomy for them. The player only goes through four floors of the Foreboding Forest on the first visit. The following Pokémon are encountered here:

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Weedle (Pokémon) Weedle B1F-B4F, B6F, B8F 6 Unrecruitable
Oddish (Pokémon) Oddish B1F-B5F, B7F, B8F 6 Unrecruitable
Bellsprout (Pokémon) Bellsprout B1F-B8F 6 Unrecruitable
Mr. Mime (Pokémon) Mr. Mime B1F-B8F 6 Unrecruitable
Stantler (Pokémon) Stantler B1F-B8F 6 Unrecruitable
Taillow (Pokémon) Taillow B1F-B8F 6 Unrecruitable
Starly (Pokémon) Starly B2F-B8F 6 Unrecruitable
Stunky (Pokémon) Stunky B1F-B8F 6 Unrecruitable
Tranquill (Pokémon) Tranquill B1F, B5F-B7F 21 Unrecruitable
Furfrou (Pokémon) Furfrou B1F-B6F, B8F 6 Unrecruitable
Spritzee (Pokémon) Spritzee B1F-B4F, B6F-B8F 3 Unrecruitable
These Pokémon are recruited through the Connection Orb rather than fighting them.

The following items are found here:

First visit

Item Floors
Poké currency VI Sprite.png 13-29 Poké B2F-B4F
MDBag Apple VI Sprite.png Apple B1F-B4F
MDBag Oran Berry VI Sprite.png Oran Berry B1F-B2F
MDBag Pecha Berry VI Sprite.png Pecha Berry B3F-B4F
MDBag Rawst Berry VI Sprite.png Rawst Berry B1F, B4F
MDBag Seed VI Sprite.png Blast Seed B1F-B2F
MDBag Seed VI Sprite.png Tiny Reviver Seed B1F-B4F
MDBag Elixir Sprite.png Elixir B3F-B4F
MDBag Wonder Orb VI Sprite.png Petrify Orb B1F
MDBag Wonder Orb VI Sprite.png Slumber Orb B2F
MDBag Wand Sprite.png 2-4 Confuse Wand B2F-B3F
MDBag Wand Sprite.png 2-4 Slumber Wand B1F, B3F
MDBag Wand Sprite.png 3-5 Warp Wand B1F

Later visits only

Item Floors
MDBag Pecha Berry VI Sprite.png Pecha Berry B2F, B5F
MDBag HP Emera VI Sprite.png Burn Guard B1F, B4F
MDBag HP Emera VI Sprite.png Poison Guard B2F, B5F
MDBag HP Emera VI Sprite.png Paralysis Guard B4F
MDBag HP Emera VI Sprite.png Sleep Guard B1F
MDBag Speed Emera VI Sprite.png Clutch Performer B5F
MDBag Attack Emera VI Sprite.png Lullaby B1-B2F
MDBag Attack Emera VI Sprite.png Power Boost X B2F, B5F, B8F
MDBag Attack Emera VI Sprite.png Type Bulldozer B6F
MDBag Defense Emera VI Sprite.png Guard Boost B4F
MDBag Blue Box V Sprite.png Nifty Box B2F
MDBag Blue Box V Sprite.png Pretty Box B4F
MDBag Treasure Box Red VI Sprite.png Sinister Box B4F
MDBag Treasure Box Red VI Sprite.png Dainty Box B1F


After the player finds Goomy, the two of them exit the dungeon together. Deerling thanks the player for helping, and realizes she doesn't even know the player's name yet. When the player returns home, Nuzleaf is at first angry with them for leaving, but then he tells the player he understands their desire for adventure. Nuzleaf tells the player that it's okay for them to go on adventures around the village.

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