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The second to last cup on Pokémon Dash. As such, it's very hard.

Yellow Cup Courses

Unlike the Green, White, and Blue cups, it is merely mixed landscapes, no more or less of something. However, there are a lot of islands.

1. Smeargle's Mark
2. Lava Island
3. Glacier Island
4. Sand Island
5. Pallet Island

The following sections will be about each course.

Smeargle's Mark

"The middle of ocean and an island of footsteps. Check all!"


Lava Island

"Use pads to get through the rock and lava areas!"


Glacier Island

"Soaring glacier mountains. Be careful not to fall off!"


Sand Island

"Kick up the sand and wipe out your rivals! Head to the goal!"


Pallet Island

"A museum on the ocean. Let's cross the Pallet Island!"


After advancing to third or up, you'll unlock the final cup, called the Red Cup!

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