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The last cup of all. Very hard, and can also be a bit confusing. Try your best so you can complete this game!

Red Cup Courses

This cup basically brings back all the things from the previous cup, with something new added, called Heat Land.

1. Twiddle Meadow
2. Heat Land
3. Vortex Lagoon
4. Freezing Spiral
5. Pokémon Park Island

The following sections will be about each course.

Twiddle Meadow

Heat Land

Vortex Lagoon

Freezing Spiral

Pokémon Park Island

After completing all of these courses, you'll have completed the game. Additionally, a new Grand Prix has been unlocked, as well as you are now able to make your own cups and courses with all Generation III games. The Hard Grand Prix is then unlocked as well, so make sure you look at all of these things!

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