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This user won Pachirisulover12's sprite award.

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Trainer Prints Badges & Symbols

Boulder Badge.png Cascade Badge.png Thunder Badge.png Rainbow Badge.png Soul Badge.png Marsh Badge.png Volcano Badge.png Earth Badge.png
Zephyr Badge.png
Stone Badge.png Knuckle Badge.png Dynamo Badge.png Heat Badge.png Balance Badge.png Feather Badge.png Mind Badge.png Rain Badge.png
Coal Badge.png Forest Badge.png Cobble Badge.png Fen Badge.png Relic Badge.png Mine Badge.png Icicle Badge.png Beacon Badge.png
Trio Badge.png Basic Badge.png Insect Badge.png Bolt Badge.png Quake Badge.png Jet Badge.png Freeze Badge.png Legend Badge.png Toxic Badge.png Wave Badge.png
Bug Badge.png Cliff Badge.png Rumble Badge.png Plant Badge.png Voltage Badge.png Fairy Badge.png Psychic Badge.png Iceberg Badge.png

Friend Code Player ID Friend Safari
P: 0645-2236-6893
Pt: 0130-7717-9546
W: 0648-6525-7047
B2: 0949-1994-2372
3DS: 4527-7666-9966
D: 55264
P: 48576
Pt: 04734
HG: 20408
W: 11682
B2: 35726
X: 47730
lampent.gif golurk.gif phantump.gif

Shiny Pokémon Collection

pikachu.gif raichu.gif golbat.gif poliwag.gif poliwhirl.gif poliwrath.gif horsea.gif seadra.gif goldeen-f.gif seaking.gif staryu.gif starmie.gif magikarp.gif gyarados-mega.gif noctowl.gif crobat.gif chinchou.gif lanturn.gif pichu.gif politoed-f.gif yanma.gif qwilfish.gif corsola.gif remoraid.gif octillery.gif kingdra.gif raikou.gif entei.gif suicune.gif blaziken-mega.gif carvanha.gif sharpedo.gif barboach.gif whiscash.gif corphish.gif crawdaunt.gif carvanha.gif clamperl.gif huntail.gif gorebyss.gif relicanth.gif luvdisc.gif clamperl.gif floatzel-f.gif garchomp-mega.gif yanmega.gif dialga.gif palkia.gif giratina.gif basculin.gif basculin-blue.gif vanilluxe.gif alomomola.gif haxorus.gif furfrou.gif clauncher.gif clawitzer.gif