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User:Quagbert/Random DP episode staff info

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DP episode staff count

Total episodes with known credits: 177 (plus 2 clip episodes)

By writer

By storyboarder

By animation director

DP animation director predictions

  • DP180 - 木下和栄 (originally didn't make a prediction)
  • DP181 - 武内哲
  • DP182 - 岩根雅明
  • DP183 - 夏目久仁彦
  • DP184 - 小山知洋
  • DP185 - 志村泉 (originally predicted 木下和栄)
  • DP186 - 木下和栄
  • DP187 - 岩根雅明
  • DP188 - 緒方厚
  • DP189 - ?

Animation directors for last 10 episodes

  • DP170 - 夏目久仁彦 (didn't make a prediction)
  • DP171 - 武内哲 (I predicted 木下和栄)
  • DP172 - 岩根雅明 (got this one right)
  • DP173 - 木下和栄 (got this one right)
  • DP174 - 志村泉 (got this one right)
  • DP175 - 小山知洋 (didn't make a prediction)
  • DP176 - 夏目久仁彦 (got this one right)
  • DP177 - 岩根雅明 (got this one right)
  • DP178 - 緒方厚 (I predicted 木下和栄)
  • DP179 - 志村泉 (didn't make a prediction)

List of DP animation directors so far

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