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About me

I’ve been a fan of
Pokémon since it came
out, I got my first
Pokémon game, Yellow
Version when I was 6,
and since then I’ve
bought at least one
game from each
Generation, at the
moment I just play
Platinum’s Battle
Frontier where I
have a gold print
for every facility
except the Battle
Factory. I used to
watch the anime but
they stopped showing it
where I live a couple
of years ago. On
Bulbapedia I am adding
information on Pokémon
Black and White.

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My contributions
My contributions

Welcome to my userpage!
Leave me a message here My talk

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Annoying Pokémon. It's fast, strong and it feels like all my best Pokémon are weak to Dark or IceWhen Quick Claw keeps activating and he hits with Dynamic Punch, I'm in troubleUses Perish Song on my Pokémon that stall and Destiny Bond on my sweepersI forget to prepare my team for it and then have to forfeit, darn bug!Anything with OHKO moves
Just as I think I've won, it ExplodesIt's got good abilities and stats, but not good on my teamsToo many Pokémon at the Battle Tower have BrightPowder or Lax IncenseIt either gets critical hits too often or I can't put it to sleepI'm always scared of attacking it.
Favorite Pokémon It's one of the best Pokémon while holding Soul DewAwesome Pokémon!I love flinching opponentsWith Power Share and Acupressure, it can become nearly unbeatable!Spore is the best move in the game!
She can take hits from almost anythingBest special wall in the game!For me it’s probably the coolest Pokémon! Just wish it was better for battlingTeach it Mimic, give it BrightPowder, then enter it in the Battle Tower's Double Battle with a Pokémon that knows Sheer Cold. Mimic your ally's Sheer Cold and if you're lucky it could beat all four opponents without even being hit! But don't count on it......
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197Umbreon.png This user is Nocturnal.
646.png This user prefers Cold Weather.
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kesha_animal_cover.jpg This user
likes KeSha
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Spr 3f 143.png This user likes to sleep.
Spr 4d 198 f.png This user has the ability Insomnia.
Spr 4d 468.png This user's favorite ability is Serene Grace.
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22 This user is 22 years old.
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132Ditto.png I throw my hands up in the air sometimes saying ayoh, vote for Ditto.