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About Me

-I've been playing Pokemon games since I was little when Red and Blue first came out. Those games are now lost in memories...
-About 7th or 8th grade I regained my Game Boy and with it a new set of Pokemon games.
-A year or so ago I lost my Game Boy again and currently am on my computer playing Platinum on an emulator.
-Once I buy a new Game Boy I will be able to post more on those trainers, my Emerald version I am most proud of.

How I Play...

Well there's not much to it really. Basically I'll get my starter, preferably the fire-type, and I don't use nicknames. From that point on I go through the entire game with that one pokemon. I pretty much just start out the game and train it 3-4 levels on the level 2-3 pokemon. Of course, I still have to catch a couple so I can use the HM moves, but that's about it.

Lucky for me they made it easy and the last two generations were Fire/Fighting. All I had to add was Thunderpunch after obtaining a good fire- and fighting-type move. I forget what the fourth type I used for my Blaziken, but my Infernape I just kept two fighting-type moves. Close Combat I use when a pokemon with more HP comes along and I'm not certain Mach Punch will take them out. I honestly can't remember what I used in the other games, I hadn't played them in a long time, but I do know that I still did the "one pokemon til the end" thing. I hope Generation V will be good to me and make sure the fire-type doesn't suck. I heard rumor of it being Fire/Ghost, but rumors are rumors, so I'm not getting any hopes up.

My Trainer on Platinum Version

Trainer status
Spr Pt Lucas.png
ID No. 49885
Seen: 210
Caught: 39
Seen: 304
Caught: 75
Coal Badge.png Forest Badge.png Cobble Badge.png Fen Badge.png
Relic Badge.png Mine Badge.png Icicle Badge.png Beacon Badge.png
Hall of Fame:
392 487 397
400 176 448
April 23, 2009 12:56pm
Game Type:
no$gba emulator

Beat game
with only