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About Me

RNG Researcher over at Smogon, RAM/SAV Structure Researcher at ProjectPokemon

Notable Pokemon "Achievements"

Random Number Generation

 - PIDRNG Abuse methods
 - IVRNG Abuse methods, first person internationally to RNG in B/W.
 - Leading breakthroughs in XD/C RNG [1]
   - with help from OmegaDonut on the PRNG formula, PRNG location, and help determining IV creation
   - First person internationally to abuse the RNG on Pokemon GameCube side-series
   - Proved the anti-shiny mechanism in XD, and fleshed out the shiny glitch of Colosseum.
     - With help from maxg/xfr of PokeCheck, proved AGETO Celebi -> GC can not be shiny.
 - WISHMKR generation routine explained with help of Sabresite and loadingNOW, proving they can be shiny.
 - Lots of other crap, just go read my posts over at Smogon's RNG Research thread!

Cheat Codes for B/W

 - Creator of the Background Mod codes for Battle Video playback (ultimately as flavor for YouTube recording) [2]
 - Creator of the Memory Check codes in which certain locations can be read back in game via the trainer card.


 - First person to abuse the PRNG the game uses to conduct battles (B/W). Not much information is public to prevent nefarious use [3]
 - Fastest TAS playthrough of B/W yet.
 - Mapped structure of Battle Videos of B/W
 - Save Catalog supplier for the B/W Translation project