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I’m IIMarckus. I do web design, some general programming, and have an interest in proper typography on the Web.

Useful Unicode characters

Arial isn’t really the best font to display these in, because it doesn’t angle quotes. Oh well.

Character Name Comments
× U+00D7 MULTIPLICATION SIGN Used in mathematics and quantities. Example: 18× Grass Energy
é U+00E9 LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH ACUTE Only here because it’s Bulbapedia.
U+2010 HYPHEN Not the same as the “hyphen-minus” that’s on your keyboard, although that is generally an acceptable substitute.
U+2013 EN DASH En dashes are used for ranges of numbers; e.g., 1990–1998.
U+2014 EM DASH Em dashes denote parenthetical breaks in text.
U+2019 RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK This is the preferred character for apostrophes.
U+2032 PRIME Prime is used for (among other things) designating feet or minutes.
U+2033 DOUBLE PRIME Likewise, double prime is used to designate inches or seconds.
U+2212 MINUS SIGN This should be used in mathematics; compare (2 + 3 - 5) to (2 + 3 − 5).
U+2640 FEMALE SIGN Also known as the symbol of Venus. Denotes the female gender.
U+2642 MALE SIGN Also known as the symbol of Mars. Denotes the male gender.
U+3003 DITTO MARK What you use in tables to avoid repeating a table cell value.


Are a fad and I refuse to display them here.


As of 05:40, 20 October 2008 (UTC), I count 2118. Of these, 142 begin with the word “user.” In addition:

  • 47 begin with the name of a video game, followed by “user.”
  • 15 begin with the name of a type, followed by “user.”
  • 6 begin with the name of a web browser, followed by “user.”
  • 6 begin with the name of a type of Internet connection, followed by “user.”
  • 3 begin with the name of an operating system, followed by “user.”

Category:Event Pokémon tags consists solely of templates for userpages saying who has what event Pokémon.

Nineteen categories are of the form “Episodes focusing on <character>.”

Nineteen categories are of the form “Episodes directed and storyboarded by <person>.” This is despite the fact that for each of these persons exist two separate categories of the form “Episodes directed by <person>” and “Episodes storyboarded by <person>.”

When Category:Female characters and Category:Male characters were created, over seven hundred pages were edited solely to put them in one of these categories.

Every single page in Category:GB Islands is a stub.

Sixty‐six categories are of the form “Ships with <character>.” Of these, thirty‐two consist of only one page.