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Name= Cassandra

Favorite characters Human= 1. Ash 2. Bonnie Pokèmon= 1. Iris' Emolga 2. Ash's Aipom→ Dawn's Aipom/Ambipom 3. Bonnie's Dedenne, 4. Ash's Pikachu, 5. Ash's Oshawott.

This user is female

This user was born on August 13, 1996

This user is 18 years old

This user is a strong supporter of HatThiefShipping

This user is a supporter of LagomorphShipping

This user is a Lovatic

This user's favorite singer is Demi Lovato

This user's favorite actress is Demi Lovato

This user has ADHD

This user has cerebral palsy

This user's favorite Pokémon is Emolga

This user's favorite Pokémon movies are, Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction, The Rise of Darkrai, and Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, respectively.

This user's favorite Pokémon theme song is We Will Carry On!

This user's least favorite Pokémon theme is Pokémon World.

This user was terrified of Malamar thanks to the Malamar from A Conspiracy to Conquer, but after watching the Japanese version of XY054 got over this fear when she realized not all Malamar are pure evil.

This user's favorite episode is Team Rocket's Shocking Recruit. I just loved seeing Emolga trick Team Rocket.

This user's least favorite episode, for reasons previously mentioned, is A Conspiracy to Conquer.

This user doesn't refer to genderless Pokémon as "it", with the exceptions of Ditto, Staryu, and Starmie.

Here's all the genderless Pokémon I've seen so far in the anime, and the genders I refer to them as:

1. Mew= Female 2. Jirachi= Female (unlike how in the English dub of Jirachi:Wish Maker Jirachi was referred to as male) 3. Darkrai= Male 4. Dialga= Male 5. Palkia= Female 6. Diancie= Female 7. Mewtwo (Mewtwo Strikes Back)= Male 8. Mewtwo (Genesect and the Legend Awakened)= Female 9. Victini= Female 10. Meloetta= Female 11. Golett= Male 12. Golurk= Male 13. Carbink= Male 14. Rayquaza= Male 15. Manaphy= Male 16. Phione= Male 17. Beldum= Male 18. Metang= Male 19. Metagross= Male 20. Baltoy= either male or female, females don't evolve. 21. Claydol= Male 22. Solrock= Male 23. Lunatone= Female 24. Shaymin= Female 25. Arceus= Male 26. Articuno= Female 27. Azelf= Female 28. Bronzong= Male 29. Bronzor= Male 30. Celebi= Female 31. Cobalion= Male 32. Electrode= Male 33. Entei= Male 34. Douse Drive Genesect= Female 35. Red Genesect (and the others besides Douse Drive)= Male 36. Groudon= Male 37. Ho-oh= Male 38. Keldeo= Male 39. Klink, Klang, and Klingklang= Male 40. Kyogre= Male 41. Kyurem= Male 42. Magnemite, Magneton, and Magnezone= Male 43. Moltres= Male 44. Raikou= Male 45. Regice, Regigigas, Registeel, and Regirock= Male 46. Reshiram= Female 47. Rotom= Male 48. Shedinja= Male 49. Suicune= Male 50. Terrakion= Male 51. Mespirt= Female 52. Uxie= Female 53. Unown= either male or female 54. Virizion= Female 55. Yveltal= Male 56. Xerneas= Female 57. Voltorb= Male 58. Zapdos= Male 59. Zekrom= Male

The other genderless Pokémon I haven't seen yet.

Here I am going to talk about my opinion of whether a Pokémon currently with an unconfirmed gender from the anime is male or female and if I have evidence I will list the evidence. I will apologize in advance just in case any of my evidence seems sexist to anyone.

I believe the recurring Jigglypuff is female.

I believe Ash's Torterra is male. This is because in the episode Tanks For the Memories Turtwig looked embarrassed about having to wear the maid outfit while helping Spring and Summer out. Ash, Pikachu, and Piplup all looked embarrassed as well, and since they're all male, it makes sense that Torterra would be male.

I believe Dawn's Pachirisu is female. There are several reasons for this. One being that the stripe on Pachirisu's head is short, a characteristic of female Pachirisu. Another reason is in Tanks For the Memories Pachirisu looked excited while wearing the waitress outfit just like Dawn, Buneary, and Ambipom. Another reason is in Hold the Phione, Pachirisu was really excited about going shopping, (and girls are more enthusiastic about going shopping than guys are). The final reason is because Pachirisu is always seen in a cheerleading uniform when cheering for Ash or Dawn, (now, yes, Piplup was seen in a cheerleading uniform too, but Dawn changed it in Familiarity Breeds Strategy Dawn changed Piplup's cheerleading outfit to make it more masculine.

I believe Ash's Fletchinder is female. There are three reasons I think this. The first reason is in Kindergarten Chaos Fletchling got upset after getting dirty, (and girls usually don't like to be dirty, whereas guys often times like or even love getting dirty0. The second reason is in Battles in the Sky Fletchling got upset when Moria's Talonflame chose not to battle Fletchling, despite Fletchling wanting to battle Talonflame. This caused Fletchling to become so upset that she began to cry, showing she can be very sensitive, (and girls typically tend to show more emotion than guys do when they get upset). The third reason is because in Origins of Mega Evolution Fletchinder was dancing very gracefully and seemed a lot like a ballerina, (and girls take up ballet more than guys do I believe).

I believe Serena's Pancham is male. This is because in Pathways to Performance Partnering Nini's Smoochum developed a crush on Pancham.

I believe Clemont's Chespin is male. This is because in Splitting Heirs Chespin fell in love with Heath's Meowstic, who was female.

I believe that Jessie's Pumpkaboo is female.

I believe that Ash's Torkoal is male.

I believe that Ash's Gliscor is male.

I believe that Ash's Boldore is male.

I believe that Cilan's Crustle is male.

I believe that Cilan's Stunfisk is male.

I believe Brock's Crobat is male.

I believe that Ash's Infernape is male.

Here I will list the Ability I believe a character's Pokémon, currently without a confirmed Ability, has.

I believe Ash's Torterra has the Ability Overgrow.

I believe Ash's Snivy has the Ability Overgrow.

I believe Ash's Bulbasaur has the Ability Overgrow.

I believe Jessie's Frillish has the Ability Cursed Body.

I believe Iris' Excadrill has the Ability Sand Force.

There have been comments on YouTube stating that it will be confirmed that Ash's Sliggoo has the Ability Hydration, but I think Sliggoo may possibly have the Ability Sap Sipper

I believe Dedenne has the Ability Cheek Pouch.