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Talk:Oreburgh Gate

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Overworld Image

Is there a better image of this location? The current one is very bad quality. - unsigned comment from Zzzdude (talkcontribs)

Not very bad, but it could be better. The problem is that DS overworld maps are a hell of a lot harder to take pictures of. TTEchidna 20:15, 26 March 2009 (UTC)

About Earth Plate

Should we change {{Itlistbod|Earth Plate|At the far left of the basement floor (Requires {{HM|03|Surf}} and {{HM|04|Strength}})|DPPt|display={{DL|Plate|Earth Plate}}}} into {{Itlistbod|Earth Plate|At the far left of the basement floor (Requires {{HM|03|Surf}}, {{HM|04|Strength}} and {{HM|06|Rock Smash}})|DPPt|display={{DL|Plate|Earth Plate}}}}? The player can't arrive the place where Earth Plate are without HM06 (Rock Smash).--847418742/Talk 05:19, 12 July 2011 (UTC)