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Appendix:Pokémon Ranger walkthrough

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Ranger EN boxart.jpg
Pokémon Ranger
This is an in-depth walkthrough for Pokémon Ranger for the Nintendo DS.


  • Section 1: Fall City Capture Arena Guide
  • Section 2: Prologue, Rookie Mission: Don't Fear Failure
  • Section 3: Mission 1: Escort the Professor
  • Section 4: Mission 2: Fall City Case Log
  • Section 5: Mission 3: Grimer Outbreak
  • Section 6: Mission 4: Where's Politoed?
  • Section 7: Mission 5: Clear the Rockfalls
  • Section 8: Mission 6: The Wayward Wanderer
  • Section 9: Sub-Mission 1: The Three Challenges, Sub-Mission 2: Save the Jungle Relic
  • Section 10: Mission 7: Investigate the Factory!
  • Section 11: Sub-Mission 3: Find the Aquamole Parts, Mission 8: Aquamole to the North!
  • Section 12: Mission 9: Hideout Infiltration
  • Section 13: Mission 10: Fiore Temple

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