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(Agnessa firmly supports:)
(Agnessa firmly supports:)
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==Agnessa firmly supports:==
==Agnessa firmly supports:==

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Agnessa is an 18 year old American/Chilean gamer, pokémon lover/breeder, and a proud bookworm. She has been a Pokémon fan for nearly 10 years, although her adoptive parents and sister don't get the whole "Pokémon Fad" at all. Neither does she, actually.

Random Info

Agnessa is strangely wont to trade and trade Pokémon until she owns the three starters of the game she's playing; only then, she actually progresses through it. She has won only two ribbons during her Emerald gameplay - despite beating the game twice -, and one of them was the Effort Ribbon. She would rather raise her Pokémon than force them to battle, but she certainly has no problem with trainers who ask for a match.

She likes to play as Leaf in Pokémon FireRed, as Brendan in Emerald, and as Dawn in Pearl.

Pokémon In-Game Teams

Current Team in Pokémon FireRed

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Agnessa firmly supports:


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PicketShipping (Pikachu and A Bottle of Ketchup)
AipomAbuseShipping (Jesse and a Wild Aipom)
ApprenticeShipping also called IdolShipping
FaithShipping (Ash/Pikachu)