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{{User Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time}}
{{User Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time}}
{{User SoulSilver}}
{{User SoulSilver}}
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! style="background: #DDDD00; {{#switch:{{{moz|yes}}}|yes=-moz-border-radius: 60px;|no=}}" | [[Image:493 s.png|50px]]
| style=" color: #FFFFFF;" | This user doesn't like '''[[cheating|<span style="color:#FFFFFF">cheating</span>]] in [[Pokémon games|<span style="color:#FFFFFF">Pokémon games</span>]]'''.

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Hi. I'm Gamerater888. I hope I do good in Bulbapedia!

About me

034.png This user identifies as male.
058.png This user likes dogs.
052.png This user likes cats.
493.png This user is Christian.

Game Info

493.png This user's favorite Pokémon is Arceus.
SugimoriMasterBall.png This user's favorite ball is the Master Ball.
Spr 4d 483.png This user is a player of Pokémon Diamond Version.
Spr 3r 384.png This user is a player of Pokémon Emerald Version.
Explorers of Time Time Gear.png This user is a player of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time.
Spr 4h 249.png This user is a player of Pokémon SoulSilver Version.
493 s.png This user doesn't like cheating in Pokémon games.