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Code Screenshot Danish title English title DK broadcast Notes
XY001 XY001.png Kalos: Hvor drømme og eventyr begynder!
Kalos: Where dreams and adventures begin!
Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin! October 26, 2014
XY002 XY002.png Jagten i Lumiose City!
The chase in Lumiose City
Lumiose City Pursuit! Unknown
XY003 XY003.png En heftig kamp i luften!
A fierce battle in the air!
A Battle of Aerial Mobility! Unknown
XY004 XY004.png Et chokerende flabet venskab!
A shockingly cocky friendship!
A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship! Unknown
XY005 XY005.png En stormfuld Santalune Salkamp!
A stormy Santalune Gym Battle
A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle! Unknown
XY006 XY006.png En kamp på glatis!
A battle on thin ice!
Battling on Thin Ice! Unknown
XY007 XY007.png Den vilde jagt til Rhyhorn-løbet!
The wild chase at the Rhyhorn race!
Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race! Unknown
XY008 XY008.png Furfrou i Pokémon-salonen!
Furfrou in the Pokémon Salon!
Grooming Furfrou! Unknown
XY009 XY009.png Clemonts hemmelighed!
Clemont's secret!
Clemont's Got a Secret! Unknown
XY010 XY010.png Mega-Mega Meowth-mani!
Mega Mega Meowth Mania!
Mega-Mega Meowth Madness! Unknown
XY011 XY011.png Den bambusende skov!
The bamboosing forest!
The Bamboozling Forest! Unknown
XY012 XY012.png Sådan fanger man en Pokémon-smugler!
How to catch a Pokémon smuggler!
To Catch a Pokémon Smuggler! Unknown
XY013 XY013.png Kaos i børnehaveklassen!
Chaos in the kindergarten!
Kindergarten Chaos! Unknown
XY014 XY014.png Stormly!
Shelter from the storm!
Seeking Shelter from the Storm! Unknown
XY015 XY015.png Kampsulten!
Battle hungry!
An Appetite for Battle! Unknown
XY016 XY016.png En chokerende forveksling!
A shocking confusion!
A Jolting Switcheroo! Unknown
XY017 XY017.png En bølge af ninja-visdom!
A wave of ninja wisdom!
A Rush of Ninja Wisdom! Unknown
XY018 XY018.png At vække den sovende kæmpe!
Awakening the sleeping giant!
Awakening the Sleeping Giant! Unknown
XY019 XY019.png En erobringskonspiration!
A conquest conspiration!
A Conspiracy to Conquer! Unknown
XY020 XY020.png Titlerne brydes på slottet!
The titles are broken at the castle!
Breaking Titles at the Chateau! Unknown
XY021 XY021.png En Pokévideo for fremtiden!
A Pokévideo from the future!
A Pokévision of Things to Come! Unknown
XY022 XY022.png Med kurs mod guldet!
With the course set for the gold!
Going for the Gold! Unknown
XY023 XY023.png Tilbage til kulden!
Back toe the cold!
Coming Back into the Cold! Unknown
XY024 XY024.png Et hjem under havet!
A home under the sea!
An Undersea Place to Call Home! Unknown
XY025 XY025.png Bjergbestigning!
Mountain climbing!
Climbing the Walls! Unknown
XY026 XY026.png En kamp på liv og kage!
A battle of life and cake!
A Battle by Any Other Name! Unknown
XY027 XY027.png På jagt efter en feblomst!
Looking for a fairy flower!
To Find a Fairy Flower! Unknown
XY028 XY028.png Udviklingens bånd!
The bond of evolution!
The Bonds of Evolution! Unknown
XY029 XY029.png Helte, venner og falske venner!
Heroes, friends, and fake friends!
Heroes - Friends and Faux Alike! Unknown
XY030 XY030.png Megaafsløringer!
Mega revelations!
Mega Revelations! Unknown
XY031 XY031.png Prøvelsernes hule!
The cave of trials!
The Cave of Trials! Unknown
XY032 XY032.png Aurastormen!
The aura storm!
The Aura Storm! Unknown
XY033 XY033.png Et råb bag auraen!
A call from beyond the aura!
Calling from Beyond the Aura! Unknown
XY034 XY034.png Mega-udviklingens bånd!
The bond of mega evolution!
The Bonds of Mega Evolution! Unknown
XY035 XY035.png Skovens Champion!
The Champion of the forest!
The Forest Champion! Unknown
XY036 XY036.png Kampe i luften!
Battles in the air!
Battles in the Sky! Unknown
XY037 XY037.png Spejlgrotten!
The mirror cave!
The Cave of Mirrors! Unknown
XY038 XY038.png Nye venskaber i skoven!
New friendships in the forest!
Forging Forest Friendships! Unknown
XY039 XY039.png Sommeropdagelser!
Summer discoveries!
Summer of Discovery! Unknown
XY040 XY040.png En kanonsucces, dag tre!
A giant success, day three!
Day Three Blockbusters! Unknown
XY041 XY041.png Et tåget Pokémon-orienteringsløb!
A foggy Pokémon orienteering!
Foggy Pokémon Orienteering! Unknown
XY042 XY042.png En kamp lige ind i Æresgalleriet!
A battle straight into the Hall of Fame!
Battling into the Hall of Fame! Unknown
XY043 XY043.png Megaudviklingens oprindelse!
The origin of mega evolution!
Origins of Mega Evolution! Unknown
XY044 XY044.png Opgør i Shalour-Salen!
Showdown in the Shalour gym!
Showdown at the Shalour Gym! Unknown
XY045 XY045.png Søskenderivalisering!
Sibling rivalry!
Splitting Heirs! Unknown
XY046 XY046.png En klodset kaosknuser!
A clumsy chaos breaker!
The Clumsy Crier Quiets the Chaos! Unknown
XY047 XY047.png En artists drøm!
The dream of a performer!
Dreaming a Performer's Dream! Unknown
XY048 XY048.png Genforeningen!
The reunion!
A Campus Reunion! Unknown
XY049 XY049.png Bonnie i forsvaret!
Bonnie in the defense!
Bonnie for the Defense! Unknown
XY050 XY050.png '
Pathways to Performance Partnering! Unknown
XY051 XY051.png '
When Light and Dark Collide! Unknown
XY052 XY052.png '
A Stealthy Challenge! Unknown
XY053 XY053.png '
A Race for Home! Unknown
XY054 XY054.png '
Facing the Grand Design! Unknown
XY055 XY055.png '
A Slippery Encounter! Unknown
XY056 XY056.png '
One for the Goomy! Unknown
XY057 XY057.png '
Thawing an Icy Panic! Unknown
XY058 XY058.png '
The Green, Green Grass Types of Home! Unknown
XY059 XY059.png '
Under the Pledging Tree! Unknown
XY060 XY060.png '
A Showcase Debut! Unknown
XY061 XY061.png '
An Oasis of Hope! Unknown
XY062 XY062.png '
The Future Is Now, Thanks to Determination! Unknown
XY063 XY063.png '
A Fork in the Road! A Parting of the Ways! Unknown
XY064 XY064.png '
Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile! Unknown
XY065 XY065.png '
Good Friends, Great Training! Unknown
XY066 XY066.png '
Confronting the Darkness! Unknown
XY067 XY067.png '
The Moment of Lumiose Truth! Unknown
XY068 XY068.png '
Garchomp's Mega Bond! Unknown
XY069 XY069.png '
Defending the Homeland! Unknown
XY070 XY070.png '
Beyond the Rainbow! Unknown
XY071 XY071.png '
So You're Having a Bad Day! Unknown
XY072 XY072.png '
Scary Hospitality! Unknown
XY073 XY073.png '
A Fashionable Battle! Unknown
XY074 XY074.png '
Fairy-Type Trickery! Unknown
XY075 XY075.png '
Rivals: Today and Tomorrow! Unknown
XY076 XY076.png '
A Not-So-Flying Start! Unknown
XY077 XY077.png '
A Relay in the Sky! Unknown
XY078 XY078.png '
Lights! Camera! Pika! Unknown
XY079 XY079.png '
A Frenzied Factory Fiasco! Unknown
XY080 XY080.png '
Performing with Fiery Charm! Unknown
XY081 XY081.png '
Rotom's Wish! Unknown
XY082 XY082.png '
A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell? Unknown
XY083 XY083.png '
Over the Mountain of Snow! Unknown
XY084 XY084.png '
Adventures in Running Errands! Unknown
XY085 XY085.png '
Mending a Broken Spirit! Unknown
XY086 XY086.png '
A Legendary Photo Op! Unknown
XY087 XY087.png '
The Tiny Caretaker! Unknown
XY088 XY088.png '
A Trip Down Memory Train! Unknown
XY089 XY089.png '
A Frolicking Find in the Flowers! Unknown
XY090 XY090.png '
Tag Team Battle Inspiration! Unknown
XY091 XY091.png '
A Performance Pop Quiz! Unknown
XY092 XY092.png '
Cloudy Fate, Bright Future! Unknown
XY093 XY093.png '
All Eyes on the Future! Unknown


Code Screenshot Danish title English title DK broadcast Notes
XY094 XY094.png Fra A til A!
From A to Z!
From A to Z! Unknown
XY095 XY095.png Kærligheden slår til! Stakkels Eevee!
Love strikes! Poor Eevee!
Love Strikes! Eevee, Yikes! Unknown
XY096 XY096.png En gigakamp med Megaresultater!
A giga battle with mega results
A Giga Battle with Mega Results! Unknown
XY097 XY097.png Et heftigt overgangsritual!
A fierce rite of passage!
A Fiery Rite of Passage! Unknown
XY098 XY098.png Drøm en lille drøm fra mig!
Dream a little dream from me!
Dream a Little Dream from Me! Unknown
XY099 XY099.png Legenden om ninjahelten!
The legend of the ninja hero!
The Legend of the Ninja Hero! Unknown
XY100 XY100.png En byfest med mange beslutninger!
A festival with many decisions!
A Festival of Decisions! Unknown
XY101 XY101.png '
A Dancing Debut! Unknown
XY102 XY102.png '
Meeting at Terminus Cave! Unknown
XY103 XY103.png '
A Cellular Connection! Unknown
XY104 XY104.png '
A Windswept Encounter! Unknown
XY105 XY105.png '
Party Dancecapades! Unknown
XY106 XY106.png '
A Meeting of Two Journeys! Unknown
XY107 XY107.png '
An Explosive Operation! Unknown
XY108 XY108.png '
A Watershed Moment! Unknown
XY109 XY109.png '
Master Class Choices! Unknown
XY110 XY110.png '
An Electrifying Rage! Unknown
XY111 XY111.png '
Unlocking Some Respect! Unknown
XY112 XY112.png '
Master Class Is in Session! Unknown
XY113 XY113.png '
Performing a Pathway to the Future! Unknown
XY114 XY114.png '
A Keeper for Keeps? Unknown
XY115 XY115.png '
Battling at Full Volume! Unknown
XY116 XY116.png '
The Synchronicity Test! Unknown
XY117 XY117.png '
Making Friends and Influencing Villains! Unknown
XY118 XY118.png '
Championing a Research Battle! Unknown
XY119 XY119.png '
A Full-Strength Battle Surprise! Unknown
XY120 XY120.png '
All Hail the Ice Battlefield! Unknown
XY121 XY121.png '
Seeing the Forest for the Trees! Unknown
XY122 XY122.png '
A Real Icebreaker! Unknown
XY123 XY123.png '
A Diamond in the Rough! Unknown
XY124 XY124.png '
A Gaggle of Gadget Greatness! Unknown
XY125 XY125.png '
A League of His Own! Unknown
XY126 XY126.png '
Valuable Experience for All! Unknown
XY127 XY127.png '
Analysis Versus Passion! Unknown
XY128 XY128.png '
A Riveting Rivalry! Unknown
XY129 XY129.png '
Kalos League Passion with a Certain Flare! Unknown
XY130 XY130.png '
Finals Not for the Faint-Hearted! Unknown
XY131 XY131.png '
Down to the Fiery Finish! Unknown
XY132 XY132.png '
A Towering Takeover! Unknown
XY133 XY133.png '
Coming Apart at the Dreams! Unknown
XY134 XY134.png '
The Right Hero for the Right Job! Unknown
XY135 XY135.png '
Rocking Kalos Defenses! Unknown
XY136 XY136.png '
Forming a More Perfect Union! Unknown
XY137 XY137.png '
Battling With a Clean Slate! Unknown
XY138 XY138.png '
The First Day of the Rest of Your Life! Unknown
XY139 XY139.png '
Facing the Needs of the Many! Unknown
XY140 XY140.png '
Till We Compete Again! Unknown