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Monotype Teams

Yeah as you might have seen on my real page (User:YoshisWorld) it says on the bottom of my Pokémon teams that I make monotype teams. I didn't explain it much there but I will now.

I might not be editing this page as much as my userpage but whatever. Don't pelt me with questions. Well, I started in Platinum when I got really bored, so I made Infernape part of my team Fighting. And then I got really interested. No, I do not make a separate monotype team for every game. I just add members. Like, Heracross is part Fighting, added to monotype Fighting team. Pretty simple really.

My teams also have team leaders. Like, Porygon-Z is the leader of Team Normal. They all are holding Sitrus Berries, so you'll be able to tell which one is which.

Even though I started in Platinum, I use Pokémon from my previous games as well. I never made monotype teams in Black and White because the teams are already full. Although I might make some more in Black and White...

Just so you know, since Dragon types are very scarce, I use psuedo-legendaries and a legendary. Because of this, I really don't use my Dragon team much because that's clearly cheap.

My plan is to do one template on this page per day (following once a day rule).

You might see two Pokémon with the same move that they can only learn by TM. So, I give them to a second copy of Platinum I got (the first one is the one with my main team) and teach the TM.

One may notice that I have all Eeveelutions (in the respective types). No, I do not exactly like the Eeveelutions, I just use them because they're useful. Or maybe, they're just there so if I never know what to do, I just send them out and see what I should do. Not exciting. But I agree with people, Eeveelutions are quite overrated. Not Umbreon, though. It's too awesome to be ignored!

I use HeartGold and SoulSilver sprites as well as that being the game listed because that's the last time I made these teams. I also move items depending on what team I'm using, which is why you'll often see two Pokémon having the same item. Some Pokémon also have egg moves. Rotom has three moves, Overheat, Hydro Pump, and Leaf Storm. I change it to all forms, but since I can only have four moves, I choose the Heat Rotom, Wash Rotom, and the Mow Rotom moves. Now you can proceed on to the templates.