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I am Waterspirit. I ♥ Pokémon! I started playing when I was like 3 or 4 and my first game was Pokémon Yellow, I loved the fact that Pikachu followed you everywhere (: but got bored after the Elite Four and restarted it abit. Next was Pokémon Silver, and my starter was, of course, Totodile, but i get bored easily when i got up to the Elite Four, so I restarted it lots, choosing different starters, in the end I decided to pick Totodile and had a whole team of water Pokémon. Next up was Pokémon Sapphire, I thought alot of the Pokémon where cute and I LOVED Contests, I wish they more like the anime and had to battle (but unfortunately it wasn't) again, my starter was the Water type, Mudkip and like Silver and constantly restarted, even now I am restarting it again and again.

I sort of got put off of Pokémon for years, until my sister got a DS so i decided to buy the Pearl and i loved it, Super Contests are better then the Hoenn counterpart. Along with that the Pokémon generally looked better. That was the first Pokémon game I have NEVER restarted. And of course my choice was the water starter Piplup. I was THRILLED to learn about SoulSilver's release. And of course I chose Totodile, that one I have also not restarted, I have the ♥Spiked-eared Pichu♥ on that along with Dialga and the Jirachi.

My favourite Pokémon were Water Types, most specifically Staryu and Starmie ('cause I had an anime crush on Misty btw she is the most awesomest girl companion so far, next is Dawn) but I also love the Eeveelutions and lately I am liking the Dark types, Ghost Types, Dragon Types and Ice Types (I use them in my teams). My team is mostly based around how Pokémon look, their Defensive stats and Status moves. I like to turn the opponents strengths into my own power, such as Destiny Bond, Trick Room and Mirror Coat.

Spr_BW_Ace_Trainer_F.png 121.png Spr_4p_471_s.png Spr_5b_478.png Spr_5b_213_s.png Spr_4d_477_s.png Spr_5b_350_m.png Spr_5b_594.png Spr_4h_222_s.png Spr_5b_428.png Spr_5b_593_m.png Spr_5b_593_f.png Spr_4h_245_s.png MistyHGSS.gif