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This user's favorite Russian entry is Song #1 by Серебро from 2007

Note: If you are wondering why the template looks like Lego, and does not have round corners, its because it's supposed to look like a national flag. National flags arent round.

Below is a demonstration how to use the template.

{{User:Vuvuzela2010/Template:User Favorite Eurovision Entry|1=border colour|2=left backgroud colour|3=right backgroud colour|4=central backgroud colour|5=text colour|6=country|7=demonym|8=wp:song|9=song|10=wp:artist|11=artist||12=year}}

So if you replace the above with this:

{{User:Vuvuzela2010/Template:User Favorite Eurovision Entry|FFFF00|008000|FF1111|FF1111|FFFF00|Portugal|Portuguese|Senhora do mar (Negras águas)|Senhora do mar (Negras águas)|Vânia Fernandes|Vânia Fernandes|2008}}

You will get this:

This user's favorite Portuguese entry is Senhora do mar (Negras águas) by Vânia Fernandes from 2008

And if you want to add a sprite to the template, just add |sprleft= and/or |sprright=, and then link to a sprite, like [[Image:120.png|50px]], and you will get something like this:

This user's favorite Moroccan entry is بطاقة حب by سميرة سعيد from 1980