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About Lisa

Lisa is a 15 year old schoolgirl who lives in Scotland. She regularly goes to her dancing classes, bowling lessons and school obviously. Che just recieved her standard grade exam results! Seven 1's and a 2 :) brilliant!

"I was a Pokémon lover when i was a little girl and collected hundreds of the cards, I cant remeber my first card but my favourite was my charmander. It was lucky. I played the games when I was younger and have began again to play them. I grew out of Pokémon when I was about 7 and then grew back into it again when I was 15. I watch the animé as much as possible and have all the movies. My favourite being The rise of darkrai. I love it much more now!"

Lisa on Pokémon.


Lisa watches the animé as often as possible. She prefered the Orignal trio of Ash Misty and Brock, But she likes Dawn in this new animé. The animé is her best source of her Pokémon fix. Her favourite Pokémon has to be the cute Pikachu and Piplup coming in close second!


Lisa is an avid Rocketshipper. And her favourite characters are Team Rocket. She hopes that one day Jessie and James will become a couple like the did in the manga.


If you would like to get in touch with Lisa to have a chat she has a few contact places.

  • [email protected]
  • Travian Speed Server ( - Team Rocket
  • Travian Server 4 ( - Nightwarrior
  • Travian Server 3 - Team Rocket
  • Travian Server 5 - ForbidCrystal
  • - lisamaxi
  • - LordOfTheRingsFan1
  • Skype - thelazylink
  • Zeldapedia - TwilightRocket

Thanks for reading and She hopes to hear from other Pokémon fans from all around the world!