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Hello. I am Totodilesentret. My username is based off the first two Pokemon I ever owned-- Totodile and Sentret. I know a lot about Pokemon and spend much of my free time making up new ones. i hope to help Bulbapedia in any way I can. Check out User:Totodilesentret/Anime Predictions!

I find it hilarious that Lopunny evolves from Buneary with "happiness."


Yes, I am a shipper. You got a problem with that?

Ships I support

Ships I am Neutral About

Ships I am Against

Bagons Galore!

I love the Bagon line. Put simply: the. Awesomest. Dragon. Pokemon. Ever.


065.png This user is smart.
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PokéShipping EToP.png This user's favorite shipping is PokéShipping.
373.png This user's favorite Dragon-type Pokémon is Salamence.
214.png This user's favorite Bug-type Pokémon is Heracross.
405.png This user's favorite Electric-type Pokémon is Luxray.
475.png This user's favorite Psychic-type Pokémon is Gallade.
472.png This user's favorite Ground-type Pokémon is Gliscor.
473.png This user's favorite Ice-type Pokémon is Mamoswine.
237.png This user's favorite Fighting-type Pokémon is Hitmontop.
229.png This user's favorite Dark-type Pokémon is Houndoom.
277.png This user's favorite Flying-type Pokémon is Swellow.
464.png This user's favorite Rock-type Pokémon is Rhyperior.
335.png This user's favorite Normal-type Pokémon is Zangoose.
227.png This user's favorite Water-type Pokémon is Mantine.
357.png This user's favorite Grass-type Pokémon is Tropius.
257.png This user's favorite Fire-type Pokémon is Blaziken.
227.png This user's favorite Steel-type Pokémon is Skarmory.
452.png This user's favorite Poison-type Pokémon is Drapion.
355.png This user's favorite Ghost-type Pokémon is Duskull.
0258Mudkip.png This user lieks Mudkipz.
252.png This user's starter Pokémon is Treecko.
258.png This user's starter Pokémon is Mudkip.
475.png This user's favorite Pokémon is Gallade.
472.png This user's second favorite Pokémon is Gliscor.
Misty OS 2.png This user loves Misty.
Spr RS May.png This user loves May.
HeartGold SoulSilver Logo.png This user was an early supporter of remakes of Pokémon Gold and Silver.
316.png This user's favorite color is green.
451 s.png ShinyIIStars.png This user has a Shiny Skorupi. ShinyIIStars.png
TransparentDonuts.png These donuts are great. Jelly-filled are my favorite. Nothing beats a jelly-filled donut.
Dawn DP.png This user hates Dawn.
Emerald Pike Queen Lucy.png This user loves Lucy.

Hah! I Love Lucy!

VSCynthia.png This user loves Cynthia.
FireRed LeafGreen Sabrina.png This user loves Sabrina.
Spr BW Hilda.png This user is a Pokémon Trainer.
Ash hat OS.png This user had to send in about a million postcards to win that hat.
160.png This user liked Steve Irwin.
387.png This user's starter Pokémon is Turtwig.
Ruby Adventures.png This user is a Pokémon Coordinator.